The Shape Of Things To Come 

Even though my book, Illusions? Maybe is set in 1991, there is a part in the book where the all powerful character of Mick takes Glenn on a brief trip to a not-so-distant future, a shopping mall. It is here where Glenn sees people walking in and out of shops, nearly all of them using devices he has never seen before, smartphones. There are neon billboards and posters everywhere advertising the latest products or latest shows on TV. It is here where he learns how commercialisation has come to rule the lives of each and every one of us, how people have defined the meaning of life by shopping, watching TV, going to the movies, amusement arcades etc.
I do recall one time I was in Manila,  in the Philippines at one of their biggest shopping malls. The place was rife with shoppers all going in and out of shops, some of them coming out of with bags of items, others engrossed with their smartphones, most probably on social media checking their messages. I was sat on a bench, watching scores of these shoppers pass me by, whole families dragging along their children in what probably was a day out for them. This particular mall had four floors,  each floor probably a mile long in length. Not only that, but this particular mall connected to another one. So its not surprising that one could spend all day just browsing shops. You would need a whole wad of cash or a credit card with a spending power of thousands, not to mention a big shopping cart.

I am a philosophical person most of the time, and I always think deeply on matters. But on this occasion, as I sat there on that bench watching people go about their activities, I realised there and then just how far gone we were as a human race.

Unless you happen to be rich or an entrepreneur who has made lots of money, the great majority of us have to spend a great deal of our time working for our money. 

But what do we do with most of that hard earned money? 

Do we put it aside for when we really need it in the future? 

Do we invest it in ourselves for our advancement and education? 

The great majority of us go out and spend it all on junk that we most probably don’t need. It’s the very money we need for freedom. The items we buy are never built to last and yet we are constantly pursuing the next big purchase be it the latest smartphone, car or designer clothes. 

No matter where you look or turn, commercialism has taken over our entire world It rules every aspect of our lives. It’s a machine that we spend all our lives working for, working to make its cogs and wheels turn. It’s a machine that survives only by taking what natural resources it needs from the planet-to turn into new things-to be sold on-to be thrown away and then it begins again, all in the name of profit. This same machine that is polluting our planet and turning it into waste disposal dump. The machine I am talking about is the global economy, and economic growth is the god of the modern world. 

It has saturated and proliferated our society with every means of entertainment possible, from TV, films,  amusement arcades, bars, sports, video gaming,  sex, shopping malls. Every form of entertainment and distraction to keep us entertained and distracted and what’s more, it all fits in our back pocket from compact devices we call smartphones. There is absolutely no limit to what we can do with devices like these, the information we can access, people we can communicate with through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The online shopping we can do from ECommerce stores like Amazon (and there’s thousands growing online) and the movies we can watch and games we can play all from these little devices that fit in our back pocket so that we don’t even have to leave our couch.

The divine equation to our modern world is shopping and entertainment. Instead of pursuing our own greatness and potential, we simply go to the mall, the sports stadium or sit at home in front of a square box, though most of them now are flat squares, watching endless channels of drivel. Or even worse, spending countless hours on our mobile devices like tablets and yes, smartphones checking whether we have mail. The God of our world is economic growth, the shopping malls and sports stadiums have become our cathedrals, our wardrobes and  cars our tabernacles, the shop assistants and celebrities the high priests preaching the glories of buying crap, the tanoy voice is the voice of the divine, our smartphones are our Bible and money is the sacred blood of the holy spirit. 

If reality truly is an illusion, one that we created, then our problems are our addictions to the illusions we created because we believe them to be real. Society has become a basin of artificiality, and humans are sowing the seeds of their own destruction. If humans ever worked together, making full use of their talents and abilities, we would be living in a different age by now, the kind of age that Gene Rodenberry envisioned in Star Trek. We would have been no longer reaching for the stars, but in the heavens amongst the gods. Instead, we are like insects, shuffling around on a rock, rueled by a silly banking and economic system that is like a fat, overgrown and bloated tapeworm that is gorging itself on the Earth.

In my book, Illusions? Maybe, there was another part where the characters, Glenn and Mick arrive in a far distant future where the Earth is barren, the sky, seas and ground polluted. There is a great divide between the rich and poor. The rich live in large, fortified cities, islands and space stations orbiting the Earth. They are altered by technology. Where once humans wore or carried their technology, it is now inside them and taken away a great majority of what once made them human. The poor people live outside the cities, scavanging huge rubbish dumps of junk from generations long past. Some of them work for the rich, creating the technology to maintain their luxurious lives.

This is what I see coming. Humankinds fate is going to the rubbish dump. I find it a waste and I somehow feel there will be a tipping point at sometime in the future where humankind will need to take a good long look at itself, at what its doing. They say it is only at the presipice, the point where one is facing oblivion, that change is possible. I found that out in my own life experience when I was facing debts that I could no longer manage. The banks and debt agencies were closing in on me and it was only at then that I realised the consequences of spending more money than you can earn, living beyond your means and spending money you don’t have  on junk you don’t need. I went to my family, my head bowed down and confessed to them what had happened. I felt like a failure but I received the help I needed and paid off the majority of what I owed. I came back from the presipice of oblivion a changed man, more wiser when it comes to financial matters. 

I see money as something we work for to gain freedom. It is sacred to me because it will give me the time I need to spend it with the people that matter the most, for helping others and living life to the full. The reality is that everything we horde and consume is not owned by us. Nothing in life is ours. We are just participants to an experience called life. What we have is not owned by us or anyone. It’s just borrowed. Like all board games like Monopoly, all the stuff we win eventually has to go back into the box.

Should the true purpose of our lives be to discover our own greatness and expression and share it with the world? 

The lives many of us live are as artificial as the illusion that is reality and we are simply wasting time by chasing our illusions. You obviously cannot hold water physically from your hand in a flowing stream, but you can experience that flow if you surrender to it. Maybe,  just maybe that is the key….

The Power Of The Moment 

It made me realise that Mick’s lifetime, mine and the thousands of other lives I had lived were all happening and had happened simultaneously even though to a human like myself, countless years, decades and centuries separated all these lifetimes. But in all creation, the distance of time does not exist. Time, like everything else was just an illusion. As I had always known all along, there was no forwards or backwards. There was just the moment and the NOW existed differently for all living things depending on where one’s observation was in the moment. Everything in creation was happening in the NOW regardless of what we perceive as time and space. If I could change my point of observation, how I perceived things, I could exist anywhere, go anywhere in time and space, be who or what I wanted to be and I would still be in the NOW, the moment. I could even take a step back and observe events, both past and future in any reality and dimension and it would still be the moment.

This was an excerpt from my book, Illusions? Maybe. It was near the end of the story where the main character makes the discovery that all creation and reality is happening right now and how the concept of time itself is just an illusion. Where we are in creation is all dependant on where our point of observation is, how we see things. 

As it was said by David Icke in his books , creation is not stacked like a chest of draws with one thing happening after another. All creation ocuppies the same space and time depending on what frequency we are tuned to because as many teachers of the Law Of Attraction have said, everything is energy and all energy vibrates to different frequencies. If all creation is illusion then the illusion has infinite levels of reality, infinite dimensions of existence, just like a brain with its thousands of neurons stretching out across its surface , each nueron growing more neurons like branches growing branches. These are like the infinite dimensions of existence and the signals that go through these neurons are us,  energy experiencing every aspect of itself . 

I know I might have made it sound complicated,  trying to figure out creation with its different levels of reality, parallel universes and dimensions. But it does not need to be. Creation can be as easy as you want it to be depending on how you choose to look at it. At this level, we are only participants here to experience life. There really is no need to try and figure out how everything works . It is only our minds that complicate the whole process and sadly , this is what we do throughout our whole lives, creating so much unnecessary stress for ourselves, and it all boils down to where our point of observation lies. 

I am talking about being centred in the moment, the moment being right NOW. 

Just how many of us are always focused in the now, the moment which is where all our future tomorrows is created?

Too many times we time travel in our heads, our point of perception flitting back and forth from the past and future. The past with its parade of guilts and regrets, the future with fear and anxiety . 

Have you ever noticed how when we stress out or experience fear, anxiety , anger etc, it is always because we are thinking in past or future tense?

Have you ever argued with someone and found that you constantly replay the argument many times in your head long after the incident has passed?

Or you find yourself looking to the future , dreading an event, a meeting or you are focused on a problem and are creating an imagined future with the worst case scenario? 

The mind is like a dog that left untamed, can wonder off. The worst thing about living in past and future tense is that it takes away one of the most important things we need in order to create a successful future…focus. When we are thinking about the past and all the regrets we have about not doing this or that or angry about an event long past, we are focused on what we don’t want. Same with the future, fretting about things yet to come and imagining the worst outcomes. We are fretting again about what we don’t want. Because all of our manifesting via the Law Of Attraction happens in the moment, we are creating more of what we don’t want, and we wonder why life is so tough!

Life, like the martial arts, is an art form. With all art forms, in order to master them effectively you need dedication and commitment as well as hard work. Life should be the one skill we must strive to master and to do that requires us to be aware of everything we do, from walking, eating, taking  notice of all our thoughts, being aware of everything around us to something as simple as breathing. And it is all about being in the moment, the now because here and now is where conciousness is, it is where our reality is created. The past and future are just illusions, the past is events long gone, the future not even written. The true secret of making the Law Of Attraction work or tapping into any powers we have requires us to be still, silent and present in the moment. That is where the magic happens. Its crazy to mull over the past, over things we cannot change or dread things that may not even happen because when we think about the past and future,  our body is still in the present moment. It’s just our minds that have taken the time travelling trip. 

The way to catch yourself when you find that you are caught up in a tidal wave of negative thoughts regarding past and future is to simply ask yourself three questions as featured in the brilliant film Peaceful Warrior…

Where am I?

What time is it?

What are you?

The answers are simply…here and now and this moment.


Everything in life has an opposite. Its one thing that I learned from all my years observing life.  We call it duality because when something comes from non-being into being its opposite must exist because neither one can exist without the other. Im talking about light and dark, yin and yang, hot and cold, good and evil, life and death. Even in all us humans there is an opposite, a good side and a bad side,  fear and courage, love and hate and its all down to choice which side we choose to experience. 

To understand duality we have to go back to the beginning of creation, back to where it all began. To explain this I am going to use simple mathematics  because mathematics, as many believe, is the closest thing to understanding the language of God. 

In the beginning there was the cosmic egg, or as I would put it, the void, that great expense of nothingness that was teeming with infinite possibilities. This was the Ain Soph or the ‘everything into nothiness’ (The I Am) In mathematical terms this is represented as 0.

Next came the 1 which was represented as the first act of creation.  The Word. The I. The first sense of individuality…The IT.

The IT is the vibration of energy. Movement. Conciousness. Awareness of being aware. This is the singularity.

But from this singularity, simultaneously springs forth its opposite…Matter and antimatter….cause and effect…yin and yang…light and dark….good and evil etc.

So, from the void, from the very womb of 0 ,the singularity and its opposite are born. So now we have the magic number of 3.

The opposite of the number 1 must exist also. This is just a concept and an idea  And the thing is, we all came here on purpose, through this very concept, this idea. We can’t experience one thing in life without experiencing its opposite. If we wanted to experience love, we must also experience its polar opposite which is hate.  With happiness its suffering. The positive and negative polarities of everything must exist. Neither can exist without the other, both must keep each other in a state of  But, if we drop the original concept, the illusion which says there must be a THING and a NO-THING, a light and dark, a night and day, a right and wrong and reverse the idea, the concept, what happens?

 Well if 0 + 1 + 1 = 3, yet given a basic understanding of mathematics , we all know that zero is not a real number. The 0 is in fact a concept for the collection and/or absolution of ALL numbers.

So 0 + 1 + 1 = 2. This is Duality!
Okay , so you might all be wondering if this really is true , that only duality exists and that there there is no 0. If you see through the facade of 0 you transcend the very womb of creation itself. You only count two. And if that is what you percieve, that there is only the THING and the NOTHING ,  the CAUSE snd EFFECT, then the 0 is PHASED out completly and you have just ventured into the illusion itself, the matrix.

In order for us to see beyond the illusion that is life, we have to venture beyond the concept,  the idea and see the concept of 0+1+1=2 for what it really is, just an idea, a concept . The only real thing all along was the zero.
I can now understand the meaning of the message that was given to David Icke when he was in the Ayauscha state (Ayauscha is a Brazilian plant that when turned into a herbal drink, creates halucigenic effects) that Infinite Love Is Real. Everything else is illusion. The zero is Love.

So to recap…

In the beginning there was 0.

From 0 came 1 which was the point of awareness , the singularity. The NO-THING.

At the same time, the NO-THING is existing as a THING which creates duality , cause and effect.The illusion is born. But these are just concepts, ideas. They are not real, they are illusion. What appears as three separate events is in fact only one event, which is zero all along.

Okay, your brain might be fried from this overload and perhaps a tad bit confused. I know I was learning and researching all this stuff. Please don’t take my word for it, that this really happened at the beginning of creation instead of some big bang.

And the zero?

Was that still there from the very beginning?

I would say yes. The zero, the great void has always been there. This event of creation could well have been one of infinite numbers of the same event. To simplify , think of breathing , the inhale, the exhale of air. Creation could be no different .  From what sprang from the zero was the exhale of breath, and the singularity and its opposite were born. There may come a a time when all matter and energy will be sucked back into the cosmic egg, the void and once again the zero will contemplate every aspect of itself that it has experienced. You could say that this is the inhalation of zero or God. The cycle would begin once again when the zero, the cosmic egg, the void,  God, decides to contemplate itself . Again , don’t take my word for it. This is only knowledge I came across and interpreted as best I could. What you do with that knowledge is up to you.

I hope your brain has not been fried too much like mine had when learning this.

Until next time…. 

The Ego

I find this a very fascinating subject to write about the ego. 

The question is, what is the Ego?

My interpretation is that the ego is our idea of ourselves, the person we imagine ourselves to be. The ego is the result of years of conditioning from birth to where you are now. Everything people have said to you, everything you have been shown, everything you have seen and heard and believed has formed this idea of the person you think yourself to be.

I love the Guy Ritchie film, Revolver. The film explores the themes about what the ego is, even going as far as making out it is a separate entity , something that resides in our thoughts and convinces itself that it is us. It owns this world because it is in every man, woman and child and it calls the shots.

Some spiritual experts have even gone as far as comparing the ego to the devil. In the scriptures the Devil is represented as the personification of evil. His one greatest sin being pride, while God is the light, is all things good. But if we are all made up of the same energy and are the same Conciousness which makes each and every one of us God, then is the ego really the devil?

Our false self that keeps us grounded and limited ? 

The guardian that stands at the door to our enlightenment ? 

The late Dr Wayne Dyer said the ego defines us by several things. It says ‘I am who I am because of….

What I own

Many of us always believe that the more material items we own, the more likely we are to be accepted by others. Some of us base our entire existence on what we own and the ego fuels us with the belief that more is better . But in reality all we are doing by spending more, accumulating more is like feeding a junkie’s drug addiction.

The single greatest illusion we chase  and the single greatest item the ego yearns for is money . The more money we accumulate,  the greater our status and standing in society is. The more material stuff we can buy. But that hunger to own more is never satisfied and never will to the ego.

What I do

When you ask anyone who they are they will likely tell you their names and most likely their job title . That is how many of us believe we are in this whole wide universe . We are our names and job. But again , that is the ego speaking , putting us in that small box of perception when in truth, the many great spiritual teachers of this world believe we are much, much more . 

What I know 

The ego defines also on what we know. But it is stubborn in a way that if it accepts something as truth, then any other information it rejects. The classic example are people in a religio. They have already accepted that what they know and learned from their system of thought and belief is the truth and the ego closes the mind to any other possibilities out there . Most great philosophers throughout the ages were very open minded people . Sur, they developed their beliefs at what they discovered , but most still knew that in the grand scheme there is still so much to discover . 

What people think of me

This is the horrible fear that plagues a lot of people people in this day and age.I suffered from this fear myself and it was a wonder after twenty five years of writing as a hobby I was ever able to get any of my work to the world stage. I always dreamed of getting my work published but was always afraid to do so mainly because I was afraid of what others would think of me.

When I look back on my life, I find it amazing yet dissapointing that I based my entire perception of life on what others thought about me. Every time I wanted to do something with my life I was always handcuffed by that fear of what others will think.

I can understand the majority of us don’t want to displease others or make others mad, especially our families. But if we don’t take control of our life, others will most definitely will and the ego will blindly go along with it because like a frightened predator, it does not want to be discovered.  

It took years for me before I finally reached reached the stage where I said ‘Stuff it!’ and decided to just go ahead and do what I needed to do, what I wanted to do. As long as what I wanted to do did not interfere with what others wanted to do with their lives I felt I was doing no wrong. Believe me, there is great freedom once you overcome your fear of what others think. Even though I face a lot of ridicule and criticism for my views and beliefs, it does not affect me as much as it use to. Lets face it, the people you normally stress about and dread, find hard to relate to. Those that give you the most criticism will not be around in a hundred years time. It will be all new people . 

Most importantly the ego says I am separate from everyone and everything. 

The ego believes in separateness. It convinces us that we are alone in this thing called life and that in order to experience happiness and love and become accepted we need to define ourselves to others by what we own, what we do, what we know and winning people’s opinions about us. But even if we succeeded in doing doing all those things, it still makes us think we are alone.

So you see, the ego is the cause of all our suffering and pain. It takes us away from the one thing that matters in this world to us, the moment and always pushes our minds into the past with its parade of regrets and guilt and then the future with all the anxiety and fear of the unknown that comes with it. We have to realise that the ego is not who we are. It is the idea we have about ourselves, the imagination of who we really are. When we hurt and are in pain emotionally and mentally,  its not us that really hurts, only the person we imagine ourselves to be.

The ego is never worth defending yet so many people in this world would go to great lengths to defend theirs.

Is it any wonder there is so much conflict in the world? 

Our greatest test in life is overcoming the limitations of the ego and embracing who we really are. That is the test, the true battle each and every one of us must undertake. It is the classic battle of good and evil , the battle of our true selves verses our false selve. It is only when we overcome the limitations of the ego that we find our greatest prize, enlightenment . 

Until next time…..

Going With The Flow 

I mentioned in my previous  post Carl Jung’s famous quote that ‘What you resist persists.’

We all struggle in our lives, have challenges to overcome and most of the time the journey to the promised land is a uphill battle . The journey to the destination we so desperately want to reach , the outcomes we desperately want makes it feel like we are struggling to swim against the tide.

But what happens if we swam with the tide?

A great teacher and expert of the Law Of Attraction once said to me that the problems and challenges I face in my life are only there because ‘I put them there.’ 

If we truly are creators in this holographic thing we call reality and we are changing this illusion by our thoughts alone,  then everything that has come into our lives is of our own creation,  good and bad. The only problem is that the majority of us are not even aware of this power we have. Through religion we have been taught that everything that happens os because of the will of a power being we call God, a separate entity,  all powerful and mighty, a deity that sits on his/her throne in the heavens and keeps tabs on us. In many ways we are looking ‘out there’ at the problem , trying so hard to physically change it. We stress out over our problems, point fingers and blame something or someone for for the thing or things we don’t want in our lives. All that does is give power to the problem or situation . As I mentioned in a previous blog post, David Icke accurately described it as going to a stream l, seeing your reflection and throwing stones at it, stamping in the water at it and thrashing about. But when all that thrashing is done and the waters calm, your reflection is still there. This kind of external madness and resistance is what we do in our lives each and every day. We forget that our reality is an illusion and that what happen, what we experience in this illusion is a reflection of what is going on inside us. To change a situation, we have to change what is being reflected within us. When we resist a situation or experience, we create more resistance.

The key, I believe, is in accepting the situation, thing, or whatever it is that you are resisting for what it is. Simply change how you perceive it. When that happens,  the situation or thing that is stressing you out loses its power over you because what is being reflected from you is different, so therefore the situation has to change. I am not saying that we should just simply surrender to it. We just need to focus on what it is we really want to experience , not on what is stressing us out. When I took a walk in nature, I saw many things that told me how everything flows. I saw how the leaves and branches flow in the direction the wind blows. I saw how the grass does the same, even the birds fly in the direction of the wind. It’s all flow, everything flows. The world around us is in turmoil because people resist what is. The war against drugs only produced more drugs, the war against terrorism produced more terrorism than before. And its the same in our live….moaning about the jobs we hate, the people in our lives, the injustices that happen to us, debt etc. 

It’s not easy to stop resisting things we don’t like. It takes a lot of willpower. It is almost like trying to give up smoking. The best way I was told to practice giving up resistance to what is goes like this….

For the next ninety days eliminate all criticism for your spouse, partner, children, parents , family ,  friends, boss and coworkers . Resist the urge to critisise and complain, even if that driver pulls put in front of you on the road, or your partner says something critical to to your. Just smile and accept it.

I was told that overcoming this challenge would change your life in more ways than one. But its not as easy as it looks . I know because I freely admit that I am still trying .  

How Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work? 

I’m sure a great many people remember the documentary that came out in 2006 entitled The Secret. It revealed an age old secret that throughout the ages had held the key to creating the life you want. That masters, alchemists, and teachers all believed that the bridge between matter and energy was thought. 
The Law Of Attraction is the idea that our thoughts create our reality,  that what we are thinking right now in the present moment is creating all our future tomorrows. Basically its saying that the state of our world, our own individual life experience is a reflection of our own inner state of being. That everything that we experience in our lives whether its good or bad is of our own making.

In the previous blog I mentioned the idea of our brains being like radio’s and our thoughts are like signals that can tune us into other dimensions of reality.

Would it not be so far fetched if these signals we send out into the cosmos can draw in the very things we want?

If all reality is made up of particles and atoms including ourselves and all of that is energy then does thinking of something like a large sum of money or a nice, fancy car is like tuning into the energy frequency of the money or car we are thinking about and pulling it to us like a magnet?

Many teachers of the Law Of Attraction say that most of us constantly think about what we don’t want and what we don’t want turns up all the time in our lives. David Icke, in some of his great talks about the subject says that when we draw in things we don’t want in our lives, we try to change what it is we’ve attracted to us. So if our outer world is like a reflection that mirrors what is going on inside, then what the majority of us are doing is trying to change the outer reflection when in truth its what is being reflected that needs to change. Icke says its like combing the mirror or an even better example, trying to destroy your reflection in a stream of water. You can thrash at it, throw stones at it, all that external stuff we do in our lives, but after all that thrashing is done, your reflection is still there.

Carl Jung’s famous quote ‘What you resist persists,’ rings true and as Einstein famously said ‘You cannot solve a problem with the same mindset that created it’.

I know this to be true from personal experience whenever I had problems in my life both financial, physical and relationships, I would always charge straight into the fray and try and get rid of the problems. I would stress out, moan, complain, try to force things to work out in my favour but would only succeed in making the situation worse. It was as if my complete focus and attention to the problems was actually fuelling it, making the problems stronger, more more powerful. 

To use the Law Of Attraction to our advantage, many of the great teachers say that we should take our attention away from what it is that we don’t want and put it on what we do want in our lives, because if we are focused on solutions, on what we want to see and experience then what we don’t want loses its power and like a weed without water, it eventually fades away. Makes sense to me though I can clearly understand how difficult it is to focus on what we want when say for instance we are faced by piles of mounting debt or confronted with the prospect of losing a job.

I have tried numerous times to use the Law Of Attraction in my life by manifesting lots of money, but one of the classic mistakes we make is that we contradict those good thoughts with different ones. For me it was visualising all the joy money brings and having it and then later in the day trying to budget my income on what was a lowly paid job. The the two signals you send out into the cosmos clash and the strongest signal (mine being the lack of money) cancels the other one out. So we end up getting more of the same.

So, to make the Law Of Attraction to really work, you have to be in that mindset of make-believe all the time believing that what you want is yours. Not an easy thing to do when trying to draw in the very things you want. I still use the Law Of Attraction and have been focused on drawing in the life I want but recently all I have had are challenges and problems, sometimes one after another. I know this to be a recurring theme with a lot of people who use The Law Of Attraction.

How The Law Of Attraction really works, I believe, is that the thoughts we send out with our intent draw to us not just the very things we want, but also all the experiences and challenges needed in order to have what it is we want. If we are trying to manifest the life we want but are stuck in old habits, limiting beliefs and behavior, then we will draw to us the situations, experiences and challenges that are designed to pull us away, change us before we can have what we want. Sometimes this will mean experiencing difficulties, that life will have to get tough and unpleasant. Sometimes it will mean the destruction of old structures in your life and will feel like your life is falling apart. So, as you can see, the Law Of Attraction is not all sunshine and rainbow’s. Attracting what you want can and might mean a painful transition before we get the prize. And this, I believe is where many of us go wrong, when things get a little tough, don’t go right, we give up and therefore we are out of the game. 

There is no real scientific proof as to how the Law Of Attraction works or whether this universal force exists. All we have are people’s testimonies to go off and to experience it, we really have to try it ourselves going off pure blind faith in the face of adversity, just like with religion. I do believe that you cannot just simply lock yourself away and just simply dream your life into existence. Visualising that you have what you want and feeling it is all good as it keeps you focused on your goal. It is the first step in harnessing the power of this one universal law. You still have to act as action and words are extensions of thought. Everything created in this world came from thought. The buildings we see, the latest gadgets and designer clothes were all ideas in peoples head until they eventually became real. 

We all have the power to change our lives and that change is just a thought away.

Thank you for time and patience reading this. Its more food for thought.

Until next time….

Seeing All Of Infinity

Do other dimensions exist?

Are there parallel universes?

Is there a way to access these other dimensions and realities?

Again, these are loaded questions and I knew this when I was writing my book, Illusions? Maybe. Just asking myself these questions and expecting to answer them in my book made me feel that I was biting off more than I could chew. 

The nature of reality is a tough subject to tackle as there are so many questions that cannot be explained away by facts (if ever there are any) or theories which there is an abundance of on this topic. I spent a lot of time researching and studying this subject and I freely admit that I am no expert and I can only put forward the theories I have discovered.

The thing I always found with theories is that most of them end up going to the garbage bin several years down the line when either scientists prove they are wrong or new theories are put forward to replace the old.

In my book, Illusions? Maybe, my character, Glenn, is mulling over how creation works, whether, like a chest of drawers, each dimensions or parallel reality is stacked atop of one another waiting to happen or whether all time and space is happening at once. His question was answered when his sister tunes in the radio in her room and the realisation hits him full on.

What if the secret to seeing all of infinity lay in frequencies?

What if our minds are like radios and the signals they emit are our thoughts?

Many believe this is how the Law Of Attraction works by the belief that what we think about we bring about. Now a radio can broadcast stations depending on what station the radio is tuned to. Just because it is broadcasting one particular station does not mean all the other stations have ceased broadcasting. They are all broadcasting at once but its impossible to hear them all (unless you fill your house with radios and tune them into every station) as you can only tune into one station. All time and space works in the same way. All dimensions and parallel universes are happening at once but our brains are only tuned to this frequency that we call reality. 

So while we might be living on our blue planet Earth, in another dimension or reality it would look different, perhaps barren with an atmosphere that is not breathable. Maybe it would look like something out of the film Avatar but my point is, all realities have a frequency and as David Icke points out in all his talks on the nature of reality, we can all tune into these different frequencies to see the different realities. We just got to somehow unburden all that programming we underwent during childhood, the programming that convinced us this reality we are experiencing is real. 

So if different realities do have a frequency then it would explain most of the paranormal away. We’ve all heard stories of people who claim they saw a ghost, strange creature or some unidentified flying object in the sky.

But what if now and again, the frequency of this reality collides with the frequency of another reality?

We all know that you can get static on a radio and sometimes you get interference when the signal from one station clashes with another. Its rare but it happens. So imagine if we are in a place where the frequency of our reality collides with another and we see something that we have not seen before. People who have had a paranormal experience where they’ve seen something they could not explain always say things like: ‘It came from nowhere and then vanished,’ or ‘It just appeared and was gone.’ 

I know what you might be thinking at this stage, that the little green men in spaceships come from outta space, they cannot possibly be inter dimensional. Maybe aliens, or creatures from other dimensions and realities have the technology in their crafts to travel through dimensions and maybe ghosts are people who have left this frequency range that we call our reality for another but occasionally tune themselves to this reality to simply visit.

But what of residual hauntings where events from the past replay themselves ever so often?

These are haunting  where ghosts don’t communicate or interact with the person who is observing the event. Its always as if the person seeing the event is taking a glimpse back in time.

Some experts believe that residual hauntings are  emotionally charged events that has been imprinted into an environment, much like recording your favorite TV show. These imprints of past events could well have their own frequency that some of us may pick up occasionally.

I’m not saying that this is all truth but I do hope it has given you some food for thought. I feel I have only scratched the surface of this subject but will go into more detail in later posts.

Until then….