My First Blog Post

I feel somewhat nervous as I write this as I have never written a blog post before, let alone heard of a blog until some friends of mine suggested that I write one. In a way a blog kind of reminds me of a journal. I use to keep a journal when I was young mainly because I loved being able to write and to record all my thoughts. I was one of those kids at school who always use to think and imagine a lot, especially in classrooms. My attention span out 0 to 100 was a definite 0 as many a time when the school teacher was talking algebra equations, I would simply stare out of the window and just day dream. I would dream about so many things, especially about travelling through space as I was a sci-fi geek who loved shows like Star Trek and Star Wars. I never really discovered my passion for writing until one English lesson back in 1986, I was told to write a story. I can never remember what it was about because it was over thirty years ago, but I can recall the moment vividly when I found my passion for writing. My English sucked, it probably still does as I do admit that I make a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes now and again, but the imagination is there to write stories.
You probably already wondering why I have named this website, Illusions? Maybe. Well that is the title of the very first book I published last year. I did not have a clue what name to come up with when creating this website so I thought ‘What the hell? I’ll name it after my first book’. Now Illusions? Maybe had been a personal project of mine for over five years. Yes, it took me that long to actually write the book, but it was the first time I had ever written a novel and I found that a novel is more like a marathon than a mad sprint to the finish line. You would have moments when there would be bursts of writing energy and the words are flowing and then there are those times when the writing would stop, like you just hit the wall. I know that feeling all too clearly in marathons as I have run a few myself in my time, that point you get to where your body tells you it cannot go on anymore and you just got to dig deep down to find those reserves of energy, to find that hidden strength. It’s no different with writing. Also, one of the biggest mistakes I made when writing my first book was the irritating habit of editing while I write. Not a good way to write a story as all that does is kill off any inspiration you have. I have always learned that a first draft is kind of like going to the toilet when you want a crap and just letting rip. You don’t just simply stop and slowly allow each turd to come out of your backside. You just get it out as fast as you can. I apologise for this extreme example, but that basically is what you do with a first draft for a story. You let all the words come out, you don’t stop to amend or edit any word or sentance as that boring part comes later.

Anyway, sorry to ramble on like that. Back to the book. Now, because I was so inexperienced when it came to trying to get my novel published, instead of learning how to self publish, I took the easy way out and pubished the book through a company that offers self publishing services. The company’s name was Publish Nation who were very good and very professional all throughout the publication of the book. I literally spent a fortune getting the book critiqued, edited professionally to weed out all those grammar, punctuation and spelling errors, having it formatted, a professional cover designed and put on Amazon Kindle with a paperback version as well. To top it all off there was a big promotional campaign which proved very successful when the book was free to download for four days. I had almost one thousand downloads within that short span of time, but after the campaign was finished, the sales soon dried up.  I guess I learned the hard way that new writers very seldom make it on their first books. I mean, if you look at some of the most successful writers who have become bestselling authors on Amazon, they never really made it on their first attempt, but probably their eighth, tenth book or so on.

Illusions? Maybe is a book that is inspired by a book by an American author by the name of Richard Bach. He’s the guy who many people remember for his immortal classics Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions:The Adventures Of A Reluctant Messiah. I liked his Illusions story better as I found it quite funny and at the same time, very thought provoking. It was written back in the seventies but it was a bestseller and eventually became a classic. Richard Bach actually casts himself as one of the main characters and the story chronicles his meeting with a christ-like-figure with reality altering powers. His meeting with this extraordinary individual leads him on a journey of self discovery where he learns many spiritual truths and knowledge. It certainly inspired me to write my own Illusions story with me in Richards role and base it on a personal part of my life. Many of my friends thought it was a bad idea to do a story with a similar theme to Richard Bach’s Illusions, but I guess I really wanted to create my own unique, modern day version of this great story. I did not really care what people thought about it, whether they loved or hated the story. It was just something I needed to write and share with the world and even though it has not quite taken off and become a hit, I am still proud of the end result.

My name is Glenn Riley and I am 41 years of age. I feel I am at that point in my life where I want to try new things. I am already a published author with a second book on the way. I mix and compose music with tracks already published on YouTube inspired by my book and now, I am trying my hand with blogs. I do apologise if you spot any grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes, but hey, I’m still developing my skills. I never graduated from education with great marks on English or any other subject but I do have that imagination and passion to write. My favourite subjects that I write about are things that are cosmic related like ie: Law Of Attraction and the nature of reality, the idea that life is an illusion and questions like ‘who we really are? where we came from? where we are heading?’ I am a deep thinker on subjects like this and this is what I love writing about. I look forward to writing more posts, but it will not always be about the stuff I just mentioned. I also like writing about things related to self help. I hope you will enjoy reading what I have written and just say what you like. Whether you like it or not, that is up to you. Everyone is different and I acknowledge that. Just no rude or spiteful remarks.

Until next time…

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