Seeing All Of Infinity

Do other dimensions exist?

Are there parallel universes?

Is there a way to access these other dimensions and realities?

Again, these are loaded questions and I knew this when I was writing my book, Illusions? Maybe. Just asking myself these questions and expecting to answer them in my book made me feel that I was biting off more than I could chew. 

The nature of reality is a tough subject to tackle as there are so many questions that cannot be explained away by facts (if ever there are any) or theories which there is an abundance of on this topic. I spent a lot of time researching and studying this subject and I freely admit that I am no expert and I can only put forward the theories I have discovered.

The thing I always found with theories is that most of them end up going to the garbage bin several years down the line when either scientists prove they are wrong or new theories are put forward to replace the old.

In my book, Illusions? Maybe, my character, Glenn, is mulling over how creation works, whether, like a chest of drawers, each dimensions or parallel reality is stacked atop of one another waiting to happen or whether all time and space is happening at once. His question was answered when his sister tunes in the radio in her room and the realisation hits him full on.

What if the secret to seeing all of infinity lay in frequencies?

What if our minds are like radios and the signals they emit are our thoughts?

Many believe this is how the Law Of Attraction works by the belief that what we think about we bring about. Now a radio can broadcast stations depending on what station the radio is tuned to. Just because it is broadcasting one particular station does not mean all the other stations have ceased broadcasting. They are all broadcasting at once but its impossible to hear them all (unless you fill your house with radios and tune them into every station) as you can only tune into one station. All time and space works in the same way. All dimensions and parallel universes are happening at once but our brains are only tuned to this frequency that we call reality. 

So while we might be living on our blue planet Earth, in another dimension or reality it would look different, perhaps barren with an atmosphere that is not breathable. Maybe it would look like something out of the film Avatar but my point is, all realities have a frequency and as David Icke points out in all his talks on the nature of reality, we can all tune into these different frequencies to see the different realities. We just got to somehow unburden all that programming we underwent during childhood, the programming that convinced us this reality we are experiencing is real. 

So if different realities do have a frequency then it would explain most of the paranormal away. We’ve all heard stories of people who claim they saw a ghost, strange creature or some unidentified flying object in the sky.

But what if now and again, the frequency of this reality collides with the frequency of another reality?

We all know that you can get static on a radio and sometimes you get interference when the signal from one station clashes with another. Its rare but it happens. So imagine if we are in a place where the frequency of our reality collides with another and we see something that we have not seen before. People who have had a paranormal experience where they’ve seen something they could not explain always say things like: ‘It came from nowhere and then vanished,’ or ‘It just appeared and was gone.’ 

I know what you might be thinking at this stage, that the little green men in spaceships come from outta space, they cannot possibly be inter dimensional. Maybe aliens, or creatures from other dimensions and realities have the technology in their crafts to travel through dimensions and maybe ghosts are people who have left this frequency range that we call our reality for another but occasionally tune themselves to this reality to simply visit.

But what of residual hauntings where events from the past replay themselves ever so often?

These are haunting  where ghosts don’t communicate or interact with the person who is observing the event. Its always as if the person seeing the event is taking a glimpse back in time.

Some experts believe that residual hauntings are  emotionally charged events that has been imprinted into an environment, much like recording your favorite TV show. These imprints of past events could well have their own frequency that some of us may pick up occasionally.

I’m not saying that this is all truth but I do hope it has given you some food for thought. I feel I have only scratched the surface of this subject but will go into more detail in later posts.

Until then….

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