How Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work? 

I’m sure a great many people remember the documentary that came out in 2006 entitled The Secret. It revealed an age old secret that throughout the ages had held the key to creating the life you want. That masters, alchemists, and teachers all believed that the bridge between matter and energy was thought. 
The Law Of Attraction is the idea that our thoughts create our reality,  that what we are thinking right now in the present moment is creating all our future tomorrows. Basically its saying that the state of our world, our own individual life experience is a reflection of our own inner state of being. That everything that we experience in our lives whether its good or bad is of our own making.

In the previous blog I mentioned the idea of our brains being like radio’s and our thoughts are like signals that can tune us into other dimensions of reality.

Would it not be so far fetched if these signals we send out into the cosmos can draw in the very things we want?

If all reality is made up of particles and atoms including ourselves and all of that is energy then does thinking of something like a large sum of money or a nice, fancy car is like tuning into the energy frequency of the money or car we are thinking about and pulling it to us like a magnet?

Many teachers of the Law Of Attraction say that most of us constantly think about what we don’t want and what we don’t want turns up all the time in our lives. David Icke, in some of his great talks about the subject says that when we draw in things we don’t want in our lives, we try to change what it is we’ve attracted to us. So if our outer world is like a reflection that mirrors what is going on inside, then what the majority of us are doing is trying to change the outer reflection when in truth its what is being reflected that needs to change. Icke says its like combing the mirror or an even better example, trying to destroy your reflection in a stream of water. You can thrash at it, throw stones at it, all that external stuff we do in our lives, but after all that thrashing is done, your reflection is still there.

Carl Jung’s famous quote ‘What you resist persists,’ rings true and as Einstein famously said ‘You cannot solve a problem with the same mindset that created it’.

I know this to be true from personal experience whenever I had problems in my life both financial, physical and relationships, I would always charge straight into the fray and try and get rid of the problems. I would stress out, moan, complain, try to force things to work out in my favour but would only succeed in making the situation worse. It was as if my complete focus and attention to the problems was actually fuelling it, making the problems stronger, more more powerful. 

To use the Law Of Attraction to our advantage, many of the great teachers say that we should take our attention away from what it is that we don’t want and put it on what we do want in our lives, because if we are focused on solutions, on what we want to see and experience then what we don’t want loses its power and like a weed without water, it eventually fades away. Makes sense to me though I can clearly understand how difficult it is to focus on what we want when say for instance we are faced by piles of mounting debt or confronted with the prospect of losing a job.

I have tried numerous times to use the Law Of Attraction in my life by manifesting lots of money, but one of the classic mistakes we make is that we contradict those good thoughts with different ones. For me it was visualising all the joy money brings and having it and then later in the day trying to budget my income on what was a lowly paid job. The the two signals you send out into the cosmos clash and the strongest signal (mine being the lack of money) cancels the other one out. So we end up getting more of the same.

So, to make the Law Of Attraction to really work, you have to be in that mindset of make-believe all the time believing that what you want is yours. Not an easy thing to do when trying to draw in the very things you want. I still use the Law Of Attraction and have been focused on drawing in the life I want but recently all I have had are challenges and problems, sometimes one after another. I know this to be a recurring theme with a lot of people who use The Law Of Attraction.

How The Law Of Attraction really works, I believe, is that the thoughts we send out with our intent draw to us not just the very things we want, but also all the experiences and challenges needed in order to have what it is we want. If we are trying to manifest the life we want but are stuck in old habits, limiting beliefs and behavior, then we will draw to us the situations, experiences and challenges that are designed to pull us away, change us before we can have what we want. Sometimes this will mean experiencing difficulties, that life will have to get tough and unpleasant. Sometimes it will mean the destruction of old structures in your life and will feel like your life is falling apart. So, as you can see, the Law Of Attraction is not all sunshine and rainbow’s. Attracting what you want can and might mean a painful transition before we get the prize. And this, I believe is where many of us go wrong, when things get a little tough, don’t go right, we give up and therefore we are out of the game. 

There is no real scientific proof as to how the Law Of Attraction works or whether this universal force exists. All we have are people’s testimonies to go off and to experience it, we really have to try it ourselves going off pure blind faith in the face of adversity, just like with religion. I do believe that you cannot just simply lock yourself away and just simply dream your life into existence. Visualising that you have what you want and feeling it is all good as it keeps you focused on your goal. It is the first step in harnessing the power of this one universal law. You still have to act as action and words are extensions of thought. Everything created in this world came from thought. The buildings we see, the latest gadgets and designer clothes were all ideas in peoples head until they eventually became real. 

We all have the power to change our lives and that change is just a thought away.

Thank you for time and patience reading this. Its more food for thought.

Until next time….

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