Going With The Flow 

I mentioned in my previous  post Carl Jung’s famous quote that ‘What you resist persists.’

We all struggle in our lives, have challenges to overcome and most of the time the journey to the promised land is an uphill battle . The journey to the destination we so desperately want to reach , the outcomes we desperately want makes it feel like we are struggling to swim against the tide.

But what happens if we swam with the tide?

A great teacher and expert of the Law Of Attraction once said to me that the problems and challenges I face in my life are only there because ‘I put them there.’

If we truly are creators in this holographic thing we call reality and we are changing this illusion by our thoughts alone,  then everything that has come into our lives is of our own creation,  good and bad. The only problem is that the majority of us are not even aware of this power we have. Through religion we have been taught that everything that happens os because of the will of a power being we call God, a separate entity,  all-powerful and mighty, a deity that sits on his/her throne in the heavens and keeps tabs on us. In many ways we are looking ‘out there’ at the problem , trying so hard to physically change it. We stress out over our problems, point fingers and blame something or someone for the thing or things we don’t want in our lives. All that does is give power to the problem or situation . As I mentioned in a previous blog post, David Icke accurately described it as going to a stream l, seeing your reflection and throwing stones at it, stamping in the water at it and thrashing about. But when all that thrashing is done and the waters calm, your reflection is still there. This kind of external madness and resistance is what we do in our lives each and every day. We forget that our reality is an illusion and that what happen, what we experience in this illusion is a reflection of what is going on inside us. To change a situation, we have to change what is being reflected within us. When we resist a situation or experience, we create more resistance.

The key, I believe, is in accepting the situation, thing, or whatever it is that you are resisting for what it is. Simply change how you perceive it. When that happens,  the situation or thing that is stressing you out loses its power over you because what is being reflected from you is different, so therefore the situation has to change. I am not saying that we should just simply surrender to it. We just need to focus on what it is we really want to experience , not on what is stressing us out. When I took a walk in nature, I saw many things that told me how everything flows. I saw how the leaves and branches flow in the direction the wind blows. I saw how the grass does the same, even the birds fly in the direction of the wind. It’s all flow, everything flows. The world around us is in turmoil because people resist what is. The war against drugs only produced more drugs, the war against terrorism produced more terrorism than before. And its the same in our live….moaning about the jobs we hate, the people in our lives, the injustices that happen to us, debt etc.

It’s not easy to stop resisting things we don’t like. It takes a lot of willpower. It is almost like trying to give up smoking. The best way I was told to practice giving up resistance to what is goes like this….

For the next ninety days eliminate all criticism for your spouse, partner, children, parents , family ,  friends, boss and coworkers . Resist the urge to criticise and complain, even if that driver pulls put in front of you on the road, or your partner says something critical to your. Just smile and accept it.

I was told that overcoming this challenge would change your life in more ways than one. But its not as easy as it looks . I know because I freely admit that I am still trying .  

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