Everything in life has an opposite. Its one thing that I learned from all my years observing life.  We call it duality because when something comes from non-being into being its opposite must exist because neither one can exist without the other. I’m talking about light and dark, yin and yang, hot and cold, good and evil, life and death. Even in all us humans there is an opposite, a good side and a bad side,  fear and courage, love and hate and its all down to choice which side we choose to experience.

To understand duality we have to go back to the beginning of creation, back to where it all began. To explain this I am going to use simple mathematics  because mathematics, as many believe, is the closest thing to understanding the language of God.

In the beginning there was the cosmic egg, or as I would put it, the void, that great expense of nothingness that was teeming with infinite possibilities. This was the Ain Soph or the ‘everything into nothingness’ (The I Am) In mathematical terms this is represented as 0.

Next came the 1 which was represented as the first act of creation.  The Word. The I. The first sense of individuality…The IT.

The IT is the vibration of energy. Movement. conciousness. Awareness of being aware. This is the singularity.

But from this singularity, simultaneously springs forth its opposite…Matter and antimatter….cause and effect…yin and yang…light and dark….good and evil etc.

So, from the void, from the very womb of 0 ,the singularity and its opposite are born. So now we have the magic number of 3.

The opposite of the number 1 must exist also. This is just a concept and an idea  And the thing is, we all came here on purpose, through this very concept, this idea. We can’t experience one thing in life without experiencing its opposite. If we wanted to experience love, we must also experience its polar opposite which is hate.  With happiness its suffering. The positive and negative polarities of everything must exist. Neither can exist without the other, both must keep each other in a state of exist..ing.  But, if we drop the original concept, the illusion which says there must be a THING and a NO-THING, a light and dark, a night and day, a right and wrong and reverse the idea, the concept, what happens?

Well if 0 + 1 + 1 = 3, yet given a basic understanding of mathematics , we all know that zero is not a real number. The 0 is in fact a concept for the collection and/or absolution of ALL numbers.

So 0 + 1 + 1 = 2. This is Duality!
Okay , so you might all be wondering if this really is true , that only duality exists and that there is no 0. If you see through the facade of 0 you transcend the very womb of creation itself. You only count two. And if that is what you perceive, that there is only the THING and the NOTHING ,  the CAUSE and EFFECT, then the 0 is PHASED out completely and you have just ventured into the illusion itself, the matrix.

In order for us to see beyond the illusion that is life, we have to venture beyond the concept,  the idea and see the concept of 0+1+1=2 for what it really is, just an idea, a concept . The only real thing all along was the zero.
I can now understand the meaning of the message that was given to David Icke when he was in the Ayauscha state (Ayauscha is a Brazilian plant that when turned into an herbal drink, creates hallucinogenic effects) that Infinite Love Is Real. Everything else is illusion. The zero is Love.

So to recap…

In the beginning there was 0.

From 0 came 1 which was the point of awareness , the singularity. The NO-THING.

At the same time, the NO-THING is existing as a THING which creates duality , cause and effect.The illusion is born. But these are just concepts, ideas. They are not real, they are illusion. What appears as three separate events is in fact only one event, which is zero all along.

Okay, your brain might be fried from this overload and perhaps a tad bit confused. I know I was learning and researching all this stuff. Please don’t take my word for it, that this really happened at the beginning of creation instead of some big bang.

And the zero?

Was that still there from the very beginning?

I would say yes. The zero, the great void has always been there. This event of creation could well have been one of infinite numbers of the same event. To simplify , think of breathing , the inhale, the exhale of air. Creation could be no different .  From what sprang from the zero was the exhale of breath, and the singularity and its opposite were born. There may come a time when all matter and energy will be sucked back into the cosmic egg, the void and once again the zero will contemplate every aspect of itself that it has experienced. You could say that this is the inhalation of zero or God. The cycle would begin once again when the zero, the cosmic egg, the void,  God, decides to contemplate itself . Again , don’t take my word for it. This is only knowledge I came across and interpreted as best I could. What you do with that knowledge is up to you.

I hope your brain has not been fried too much like mine had when learning this.

Until next time….

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