The Power Of The Moment 

It made me realise that Mick’s lifetime, mine and the thousands of other lives I had lived were all happening and had happened simultaneously even though to a human like myself, countless years, decades and centuries separated all these lifetimes. But in all creation, the distance of time does not exist. Time, like everything else was just an illusion. As I had always known all along, there was no forwards or backwards. There was just the moment and the NOW existed differently for all living things depending on where one’s observation was in the moment. Everything in creation was happening in the NOW regardless of what we perceive as time and space. If I could change my point of observation, how I perceived things, I could exist anywhere, go anywhere in time and space, be who or what I wanted to be and I would still be in the NOW, the moment. I could even take a step back and observe events, both past and future in any reality and dimension and it would still be the moment.

This was an excerpt from my book, Illusions? Maybe. It was near the end of the story where the main character makes the discovery that all creation and reality is happening right now and how the concept of time itself is just an illusion. Where we are in creation is all dependant on where our point of observation is, how we see things.

As it was said by David Icke in his books , creation is not stacked like a chest of draws with one thing happening after another. All creation occupies the same space and time depending on what frequency we are tuned to because as many teachers of the Law Of Attraction have said, everything is energy and all energy vibrates to different frequencies. If all creation is illusion then the illusion has infinite levels of reality, infinite dimensions of existence, just like a brain with its thousands of neurons stretching out across its surface , each neuron growing more neurons like branches growing branches. These are like the infinite dimensions of existence and the signals that go through these neurons are us,  energy experiencing every aspect of itself .

I know I might have made it sound complicated,  trying to figure out creation with its different levels of reality, parallel universes and dimensions. But it does not need to be. Creation can be as easy as you want it to be depending on how you choose to look at it. At this level, we are only participants here to experience life. There really is no need to try to figure out how everything works . It is only our minds that complicate the whole process and sadly , this is what we do throughout our whole lives, creating so much unnecessary stress for ourselves, and it all boils down to where our point of observation lies.

I am talking about being centred in the moment, the moment being right NOW.

Just how many of us are always focused in the now, the moment which is where all our future tomorrows is created?

Too many times we time travel in our heads, our point of perception flitting back and forth from the past and future. The past with its parade of guilt and regrets, the future with fear and anxiety .

Have you ever noticed how when we stress out or experience fear, anxiety , anger etc, it is always because we are thinking in past or future tense?

Have you ever argued with someone and found that you constantly replay the argument many times in your head long after the incident has passed?

Or you find yourself looking to the future , dreading an event, a meeting or you are focused on a problem and are creating an imagined future with the worst case scenario?

The mind is like a dog that left untamed, can wander off. The worst thing about living in past and future tense is that it takes away one of the most important things we need in order to create a successful future…focus. When we are thinking about the past and all the regrets we have about not doing this or that or angry about an event long past, we are focused on what we don’t want. Same with the future, fretting about things yet to come and imagining the worst outcomes. We are fretting again about what we don’t want. Because all of our manifesting via the Law Of Attraction happens in the moment, we are creating more of what we don’t want, and we wonder why life is so tough!

Life, like the martial arts, is an art form. With all art forms, in order to master them effectively you need dedication and commitment as well as hard work. Life should be the one skill we must strive to master and to do that requires us to be aware of everything we do, from walking, eating, taking  notice of all our thoughts, being aware of everything around us to something as simple as breathing. And it is all about being in the moment, the now because here and now is where consciousness is, it is where our reality is created. The past and future are just illusions, the past is events long gone, the future not even written. The true secret of making the Law Of Attraction work or tapping into any powers we have requires us to be still, silent and present in the moment. That is where the magic happens. It’s crazy to mull over the past, over things we cannot change or dread things that may not even happen because when we think about the past and future,  our body is still in the present moment. It’s just our minds that have taken the time travelling trip.

The way to catch yourself when you find that you are caught up in a tidal wave of negative thoughts regarding past and future is to simply ask yourself three questions as featured in the brilliant film Peaceful Warrior…

Where am I?

What time is it?

What are you?

The answers are simply…here and now and this moment.

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